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Advantages of ceramic knives 2013-01-11
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Advantages of ceramic knives


Ceramic knives are made of advanced, high-tech ceramic called Zirconium oxide (also called Zirconia). Zirconia is second in hardness only to diamond and was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed. Zirconia is extremely hard, wear resistant, and chemically inert, Zirconium oxide has hardness of 8.2mohs (vs steel at 5-6 mohs and diamond at 10 mohs).


Advantages using ceramic knives:

Ultra-Sharp Long Life Blade

Holds its edge much longer than steel. Lasts many months or years without sharpening.

Stain and Rust Proof

Impervious to the food acids which discolor steel products

No metallic taste or smell

Maintains the fresh taste of food, wont brown fruits and vegetables.

Easy to clean

Non-stick ceramic surface makes for easy clean-up.

Easy to use

Lightweight and perfect balance make it pleasure to use



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