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Lead Regulation is Now Agree to be Included in REACH



After much discussion and consultation, the European Commission has

completed draft amendments to Annex XVII of Regulation1907/2006 (REACH)

regarding lead and its compounds. The regulations are expected to be adopted

in August 2012 unless there is opposition from the European Parliament.


Section 63, Annex XVII of REACH will restrict the concentration of lead to 0.05% by weight. This will apply to any

individual part of jewellery and imitation jewellery articles and hair accessories, including bracelets, necklaces and

rings; piercing jewellery, wristwatches and wrist-wear; brooches and cufflinks.

However, as a result of extensive consultation with various EU and industry bodies, some items are exempt.

These include crystal glass, internal components of watch timepieces inaccessible to consumers; non synthetic or

reconstructed precious and semiprecious stones and vitreous enamels. Articles produced before 10th December

1961 are also exempt as are items placed on the market for 12 months after the Regulation becomes enforceable,

giving traders enough time to sell through old products and test new items for compliance.


Lead is highly toxic and regular ingestion of even small quantities can result in severe and irreversible

neuro-behavioural and neuro-developmental effects. Children are particularly susceptible while their central nervous

system is still developing and their tendency to mouth or suck things makes them particularly vulnerable. Therefore,

lead is inevitable to be included in REACH regulation.


















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