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REACH 54 Potential SVHC



The European Chemical Agency has launched a new public consultation concerning 54 potential

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Stakeholders can provide comments on these proposed SVHC until 18 October 2012. Comments will be taken into account when deciding whether the substances will be added to the actual Candidate List.



On 3 September 2012 the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) published a list of 54 new Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidates. After preparing dossiers for each substance, the ECHA has now invited interested parties to a public consultation in which they can provide comments within a timeframe of 45 days (until 18 October 2012).


After consultation, a decision will be made to whether the substances will be added to the ECHA Candidate List. Once on the Candidate List, producers, suppliers, importers and retailers mush provide business clients directly, and consumers upon request, with information on the presence and safe use of any product containing the SVHC that exceeds 0.1%(w/w). In case the total amount of an SVHC exceeds 1 t per actor year for all products, this SVHC also has to be notified to ECHA.


37 of the SVHC candidates have been proposed by the ECHA and the rest has been handed in by different member states, The fields of application for these substances are of great variety and range from use in different kind of consumer products to special industrial applications.


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