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Advantages of ceramic knives 2013-01-11
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What is BPA Free


BPA : Bisphenol A, is also known as BPA

It is an Endocrine disrupter that directly affects reproductive system in experiments done on animals, BPA is found to cause cancers and other malfunction of internal organs. For instance, when laboratory mice are exposed to BPA, they develop symptoms of cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer


BPA free: Materials that do not contain or release BPA.

EU, USA, Canada are banning material contain BPA


What is Eastman TRITANTM copolyester

TritanTM is a patent product produced by Eastman Chemical in US. As more countries and regions are banning or limiting the use of PC, manufacturers all over the world feel the pressure to protect the environment and seek PC alternatives. It is against this backdrop that Eastman has researched and developed this new generation of Polyester copolymer. It is BPA free material which meet the environmental requirement and FDA standards for Europe and USA


The characteristics of Eastman TritanTM are




Big temperature range

BPA Free



Non-hazardous to health even at extreme temperatures

Recyclable, good for environment



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